She is why I'm busy

Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling blue.........

I'm feeling just a bit blue today

My daughter is at her Gramms house. When she is home, I'm usually too busy to even 
think about being blue......but with her gone

I feel alone and a little sad.

I don't even know why?????

Monday, May 3, 2010

My niece and nephews prom

My nephew Greg and his date Julie AND my niece Aysia and her date Colin, double dated to the Bonney Lake prom along with about 10 other couples.  It was adorable.  They looked so cute.  Here are some pictures!!!
From Left to Right: Colin, Aysia, Julie and Greg

Julie and Nephew Greg

Colin and Niece Aysia

Colin and Greg looking lovingly into eachother's eyes

My Nephew Greg and my Niece Aysia (No, they weren't eachothers dates)

Colin and Greg love them some flowers!

Aysia and Julie

Colin, Aysia, Julie and Greg

Julie and Aysia getting gardening tips from random guys

The full prom group

Julie and Aysia are just hanging around while

Colin and Greg go to the bathroom