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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I had great intentions this week! I started off with a bang; two days in a row of serious workout followed by great eating. And then, I don't know what the hell happened. I couldn't get enough chocolate to save my life. I ate and ate until I couldn't eat another bite, and then ate some more!!!  It didn't help that the house was full of Easter candy either.  But it wasn't just the candy, I ate ice cream cones and fast food too.  Last night, Taylor and I each made individual pizzas (more like a size small at a pizza joint) and I polished mine off in 5 minutes (Taylor ate a normal portion and left the rest of hers for Auntie Trish to polish off) So, it was no wonder that when I did my weekly weigh in, I was 2 POUNDS HEAVIER!  A whole two pounds. Aaarrrggghh.

When I lose control like that, I stop writing my food down, so I totally lose track of what I'm eating AND why.  I have to make sure I write it down and maybe jot down how I'm feeling. That might help me in the future to prevent the total loss of control I experienced this week.

Now, I not only have to get on track, but I have to lose two pounds that I already lost once before. How quickly they find me again!

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  1. Aaarrrggghh, I totally know how you feel. Except for the lost pounds....What is that like again?