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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sooooo Saaaadddd, bad results!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know I am overdue in my updates, but I have been soooo sooo sad and just couldn't do it.  Clearly, my expectations were WAY TOO HIGH in regards to the results of the hydrafacial.  I don't know exactly what I expected, but it was more than I got.  For all the discomfort of it, you would think I would see some results, but NOOOOOOOOOO!!  I actually think my face looks worse.  Is that possible?  I got a bruise on my left cheek from the procedure, and I still have it.  I totally got swollen and my right side still is.  Wow, really???? One side of my face looks longer and wider than the other.  Not happy at all.  I actually spent yesterday licking my wounds.  It was my first day without my daughter since the procedure, so I finally had the opportunity to mope about it (can't do that when you have an active 5 year old daughter that may not understand!!) So, yesterday, I sat around and ate everything and watched the home and garden channel over and over and over!!  I have four new pimples and my face is splotchier than ever.  I went back on Friday, because I really think the person who did it, did it wrong.  I wanted to speak to her, but she wasn't in and won't be in for two weeks, so I talked to her supervisor.  She was very sympathetic and told me that it was still too soon to be totally back to normal, but she made an appointment for me on Monday with a doctor to check my results.  We'll see.

So, I weighed myself yesterday and I gained almost a pound.  Now if you consider that I was losing an average of  2.1 pounds a week, that is like a 3 pound gain, right??  I blame it on the hydrafacial, totally.  It has me depressed and I think I eat more or crave bad foods when I am.  So sad!!  Hopefully, things will be better after my appointment on Monday.  I am hoping they will fix the problem.  Maybe give me another one for free with a better physician.  hmmmmm.......we'll see. 


  1. The girl who did it is not 'gone' she sis it wrong because she hates you and is jealous of you!
    does that make you feel better? haha
    I'm sorrry! ): feel better
    and sorry for late advice again I just got internet today!

  2. So sorry to hear that. I am glad your going back today.

    give it a few days and I am sure you'll have fresh, glowing skin.